Eliminator 6


Eliminator 6

Combustion Fan: Custom Assembly Featuring 2 High Velocity Fans (For Maximum Airflow)
Firepot: Recessed Mounted, 6 Vanes Angled Slightly Downward To Make A Fire Vortex That Blows Ash Out Of The Firepot For Easier Clean Ups
Ignition System: Centrally And Vertically Located Hotrod Inside The Firepot

Outside Specs

Depth: 21.5"-With Pellet Hopper 34"
Width: 4''
Height: 79" -Chimney 15" high

Inside Specs

Bottom Rack: 21" Deep X 72" Wide
Middle Rack: 16" Deep X 72" Wide
Top Rack: 14" Deep X 72" Wide
Total Cooking Area: 3672 Sq In.