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Big Pig

Combustion fan: Custom assembly featuring 2 high velocity vans

Firepot: Recessed mounted, 6 vane design

Ignition system: centrally and vertically located hotrod inside the firepot

Big Pig Grill Specs:

Material on box & doors: 14 gauge steel
Box dimensions: 3' deep x 5' wide x 5' height
Door design: swing open doors
Total cooking area: 3360 sq. in. (includes both racks)

Trailer Specs:

MADE IN USA: trailer made by Texas Bragg, Mt. Pleasant, TX
Front storage area: 31" deep x 59" wide
Main frame: 4" C channel design
Tongue: A frame design using 4" C channel

Big Pig Jr
Eliminator 2.5
Eliminator 4
Eliminator 5